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Italian Project is an innovative language tutoring service for Melbourne.
Our aim is teaching Italian language in an engaging way and making it accessible to everyone.
Our team of experienced native Italian tutors provides one-on-one lessons or small group lessons at a convenient location for the student.

Let us bring the Italian language to you!

We customise our lessons based on your interests, needs and location to make it easy for you to learn.
The luxury of having your own tutor will make you learn fast, effectively and will provide a true Italian experience.
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We are passionate, creative, caring and encouraging


Honesty, reliability, punctuality and professionalism


We make learning Italian interesting and fun


We support and look after our students and tutors

Meet the Team

Meet our fantastic tutors

GiuliaFounder and Director
Giulia was born in Pescara (Centre of Italy), she is an enthusiastic, creative and cheerful teacher with 10 years’ experience in teaching Italian as a second language. She currently works full-time as a private teacher and tutor of Italian language. She also has 3 years’ experience as Italian teacher for children aged 0 to 5. Giulia holds a master’s degree in Psychology of Communication (Padua University, with honours), a Certificate III in Children’s services (JTI, Melbourne), a DITALS II certification for teaching Italian to foreigners (University of Siena) and a certificate IV in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages). Giulia is passionate for languages and acting in theatre. She loves spending her free time with her son, doing yoga, watching movies and travelling.
Marika was born in Calabria (South of Italy), she is a qualified teacher of Italian and foreign languages (English and German) with over twelve years of extensive experience at the Italian Public School. She also worked as a private tutor of Italian language in the Netherlands and in Australia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Modern Literature (University of Messina), a Master’s Degree in Didactics of English Language (Tor Vergata University, Rome) and The DITALS certification for teaching Italian to foreigners. Marika is very passionate about education and coaching, always engaged in continuous learning to broaden her knowledge and experience, she is committed to support the growth of every student according to age, aptitude and interests. She likes spending her spare time reading, cooking, travelling and enjoying time with her family.
Maria C.
Maria C.Tutor
Maria was born in Rome (Centre of Italy), she is open, empathic and with a natural attitude to understand and help others. After completing her studies in Humanities (ancient Greek and Latin), Maria achieved a Master Degree in Law. She has a strong passion for interpersonal relationships, paired with a desire to facilitate communication among people of different cultures and nationalities. This led her to teach Italian to both native and non-native Italian speakers and, after coming to Australia, to become certified as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. In her free time Maria loves reading, travelling, dancing and listening to music.
Gregorio was born in Milano (North of Italy) and raised in a bi-lingual family. After completing his studies in Humanities (ancient Greek and Latin), he achieved a Master’s Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, with focus on Sociology, Law, Economics and Languages. Since his arrival to Australia, he has cultivated his interest in Languages and teaching through volunteer tutoring ESL students and offering private tuition in Italian. He now holds a Training and Assessment Cert IV and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge University). He teaches English in different schools in Melbourne and is passionate about multiculturalism and connecting cultures through languages. In his free time, Greg loves reading, playing percussions, meditation and cooking.
Elisabetta is from Tuscany (Centre of Italy), she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism (University of Florence) and a Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities (University of Siena). Following her studies, she started teaching Italian while she was gaining experience as an editorial assistant for a local magazine. After moving to Melbourne in 2018, she has been focusing on teaching Italian as a private tutor. She is friendly, patient and resourceful. She loves creating genuine connections with her students and supporting their interests. Her priority is making her student feel comfortable. In her free time she loves reading novels and news articles, listening to Italian music and attending art exhibitions.
Laura was born in Treviso (North-East of Italy), she is an enthusiastic and curious person with a positive attitude and a great ability of listening and understanding others. After completing her studies in Humanities (ancient Greek and Latin), Laura achieved a Master Degree in Architecture. She arrived in Australia in 2017, after lots of travelling and looking for a multicultural and creative environment, she started teaching Italian as a foreign language and she found her new passion. Coming from a background of educator and trainer in sustainable architecture and running workshops around Melbourne for kids and adults she enjoy helping people learning new languages and cultures. Laura loves spending time with her family and she is fond of music, yoga, nature and environmental issues.
Maria G.
Maria G.Tutor
Maria was born in Sicily (South of Italy), she holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business and a Certificate of Teaching (University of Messina) and completed her work placement as business economics teacher. She moved to Australia with her family in 2017. Since living in Melbourne, her passion for education and languages has led Maria to work as an Italian teacher for pre-schoolers. She is very patient and approachable and she loves sharing her knowledge with enthusiasm and creativity. Maria enjoys walking, watching movies, spending time with family and friends and cooking Italian dishes.
Elisa was born in Genoa (North-West of Italy), she holds a Master Degree in Translation and Interpreting (English and German) from University of Genoa. She spent one year in Germany during her studies and has 4 years’ experience in Customer Caring. She has worked as an English teacher in Italy and as an Italian teacher in Australia. Elisa is currently attending the Certificate IV in Communicative TESOL to take her ESL teaching career to the next level. She is very sensitive, empathetic, friendly and creative, along with a strong work-ethic and a natural ability to bond with her students. Elisa likes reading and watching old movies but she also loves travelling, surfing, photography and yoga.
Alessia was born in Udine (North of Italy). She holds a Bachelor degree in Primary Education Sciences (University of Udine). In Italy she worked as an assistant in a Montessory kindergarten. Since in Melbourne she has been working as an Italian early childhood teacher for Minitalia Lab. Alessia is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher, she loves yoga, meditation, travelling and discovering new cultures.
Antonella is from Sicily (South of Italy). She holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages (English and Spanish) and a DITALS certification for teaching Italian to foreigners. She worked as a Spanish teacher in Italy and is currently working as an Italian teacher at the Montessori Primary Junior School in Melbourne. Since moving to Australia she has been working as private Italian tutor for adults at all levels. She loves playing the piano, singing Italian songs, cooking delicious Italian recipes, and playing Lego with her two children.
Eva was born in Calabria (South of Italy) but she grew up in the North of Italy. During her studies she tutored children and teenagers after school. She achieved a Master degree in law and worked as a teacher for five years. In Italy she collaborated with psychologists to develop customised study programs for kids helping them in their personal development and growth over the years. Eva is empathic and outgoing with a great desire to discover new things. She loves spending time with children, travelling and trying new cuisines.
Carlotta was born in Firenze, Toscana (Centre of Italy), right in the heart of the beautiful Chianti area. Carlotta is a caring, empathetic and supportive Italian tutor who helped several students of the Fairfield University in Florence achieve their Italian language goals. Her role back in Italy was student and program assistant. She currently also works part time as a support worker for the Italian community in Melbourne and as an actress for movies, tv series and tv commercials. Carlotta holds a classical high school diploma (with focus on Italian, Latin and ancient Greek), a diploma of Counselling and a master’s degree in Biomedical Biology. Carlotta has a deep love for languages, singing and acting. She loves spending her free time gardening, doing long walks with her dog and trying new restaurants.
Viviana was born in Catania (Sicily). Ever since her childhood, she has been passionate about teaching others. She has continued to demonstrate her love of education by completing a double Bachelor Degree of History, Philosophy and International Communication. While completing her degrees, she gained experience through working as a co-teacher for University of Catania. In the meantime she also studied in the Aviation sector, becoming an instructor and crew manager for an airline company. With 20 years of experience in education, Viviana now lives in Australia and works as an School Education Support Officer. There she is able to continue to enrich young minds with the Italian language. She believes in the saying “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful”.

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