Frequently Asked Questions

Our tutors travel anywhere in inner Melbourne and surrounding suburbs to bring the lesson wherever is more convenient for you. You can choose to have the lessons in your home, at the local library or in a café.

We offer a unique and innovative language tutoring service in Melbourne. Unlike a traditional school we don’t have a physical location for classes because we teach wehere is more convenient for the student. We provide continuous training, updated materials and ongoing support to all our teachers. Our engaging teaching method is consistent but every teacher adds a personal touch. Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced and our method and books all refer to the common European framework so you can follow and measure your progress.

Of course! Call Giulia today on 0481 545 738, she will be delighted to answer all your questions. You can talk to her in either English or Italian!
Yes, small group lessons of more than 3 students can be arranged separately. Please contact Giulia to discuss.
Of course! The location and time for the lessons are entirely up to you. Your tutor will meet you at the place and time that best suit you.
Most of the times Giulia will select the right tutor for you based on your availability and the location of the lessons. If you have a specific request for your tuition Giulia will make sure to address it.
The choice of the right tutor for you will depend on everyone’s availability and location of the lessons and also on your starting level. Once you have contacted Giulia, she will then meet you for a first free chat where she will decide on which tutor to match you with.
Simply choose the right package for you and contact Giulia via phone or email. She will send you the invoice for your payment and she will schedule a first free chat to assess your level.
Your tutor will come to the lesson with all the material you need. But, in order for you to do some extra homework we would recommend you to purchase your own copy of the book. This is optional and entirely up to you.
Perfect! Simply choose a 10 hour package to start with and then, once you have completed those lessons, you can repeat the purchase by adding other packages to suit your needs. By doing this you will cover six months.
Once you paid for your lessons Giulia will schedule a first free chat over a coffee (or on the phone) to get to know you, assess your level of Italian, discuss your goals and interests, show you the material and explain how the lessons work. You will then be assigned to a tutor to have your lessons where and when is most convenient for you.
In the unlikely event of any issues with your tutor please let Giulia know immediately. Giulia will then either talk to the tutor to solve the problem or continue herself the lessons with you.
CEFR is a document that provides a common basis all over Europe for developing programmes, tests, textbooks etc. for learning modern languages. It states what those studying a language must learn and which skills to acquire in order to communicate with those who speak that language.
Lastly, CEFR outlines a graded sequence of common reference levels that precisely describe the achieved competence for those learning a language other than their native tongue.
If your starting level is intermediate B1 or B2 your tutor will use some very good books to match your level, in addition your tutor will provide you with extra resources like movies, role-plays, songs and lots of conversation on Italian traditions and culture.
If your starting level is advanced C1 your tutor will use a book to match your level along with extra resources and lots of conversation on Italian traditions and culture.
When you finish a book you have completed a level. For example when completing a beginner book you have reached a level A1 elementary level, every level establishes a guideline as to how much and how well one knows the language.
If you don’t know your starting level you can take an entry test by clicking on this link: or alternatively you can contact Giulia and she will be happy to send you a pdf test or assess your entry level during your first free chat with her.
Sure, if you choose the Italian conversation course the lessons will be focused on conversation about Italian traditions and culture at a level that matches your current knowledge.
This is up to you but we can suggest a minimum of one lesson per week in order for you to progress well.
As many as you please. Once you purchase your package you can use those hours as you prefer. You can have an hour lesson once a week, an hour lesson twice a week or a two hour lesson in one day.
On average to complete a level A1 beginner course it takes 7 months (based on one lesson per week).
Learning a foreign language takes time, practice and motivation. The more you do the quickest you’ll learn. With the help of an experienced native Italian tutor you will feel guided and supported. Anything is achievable if you really believe in it!
The following are reasonable expectations. In 3 month time you will be able to introduce yourself, tell others about your job and give personal details, say what your likes and dislikes are and order at the restaurant. In 6 months: you will be able to book a hotel room, ask the price, understand directions and speak in the past tense about what you did yesterday, last weekend or recently. You will also be able to get around Italy as a tourist. In 1 year: you will talk about daily life in details, talk about your childhood, etc. If you are starting you journey from scratch it takes a few years to reach a good level of proficiency. Learning a language is a building process and the more you practice the better!

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